Square Boat Nail

Square Boat Nail is Mainly for buiding boat.

Square Boat Nail is made by high quality low carbon wire.


  • BWG6-BWG14,2.0mm-6mm
  • Nail Length: 1"- 6",25mm-150mm
  • Head Diameter: 4mm-12mm

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Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Diameter: BWG6-BWG14,2.0mm-6mm
Head diameter: 4mm-12mm
Nail Length: 1"- 6",25mm-150mm
Surface Treatment: polish or galvanized
Packing: 1)small plastic bag and small box of 1kg,2.5kg,3kg,5kg 2).In carton or bag of 25kgs/20kgs/50lbs
Usage: For board splicing,boat building or repairing; For furniture or construction use
Capcity: 100 ton/week